Beirut is the capital and also the largest city of Lebanon. Today Beirut is a beautiful, placid city but beneath the surface, the city is scarred with violence. It was only 29 years ago that the civil war ended and after 14 long years of brutality. Lasting from 1975 to 1990, the war resulted in over 120,000 fatalities with another 70,000 lives displaced by the prolonged upheaval. Witnessing all that went on prior to and after the war was Jocelyne Saab.

A journalist, filmmaker, visual artist and native of Beirut, Jocelyne Saab made films that narrate her experience and memories of the war, during which she served as a war journalist. She made many films that reflected the destruction and pain of war. Her notable works include Suspended Life (1985), Once Upon a Time in Beirut (1994) and Dunia (2005).

RIP-FB Post01+.jpgOn Wednesday, January 7, 2019, the respected filmmaker passed away in Paris. In remembrance, Cinema Oasis is screening her works throughout the week to carry on the messages of her films. Here's the screening schedule: 

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